Appointment Reminder for a Medical Clinic

Missing an appointment is a waste of time and at the same time, robs you a fraction of your time which can be better spent for some important tasks. Not showing up in your appointment would also mean scheduling another which may not be any time soon.

On the other hand, an appointment reminder on the part of a clinic or medical professional ensures lesser probability of no-shows. Efficiency is another advantage of having a reminder as the doctor is ready to meet you and address your medical needs at an earlier or right time. It cannot also be denied that when the patients show up at the schedules time, revenues come in.

How an Appointment Reminder Works

Appointment reminder is an automated system. It sends the reminder either through a system-generated phone call, e-mail or SMS. Once a schedule has been set, the doctor inputs the detail on an electronic calendar. The system will then send the reminder bearing the details about the appointment date, time and the doctor’s name. The reminder works two ways-for the patient and the doctor.

The electronic message reminding the patient about the approaching appointment with a certain doctor can be delivered in an unlimited time at the doctor’s discretion such as every day, but generally, the reminder is sent a day before the said appointment. This feature works efficiently as it allows the patients some time to cancel or re-schedule the said appointment.

If for some reasons, the patient has an emergency which shall consume the day scheduled for the appointment, the patient can either call the clinic for re-appointment or call the number indicated in the electronic message. New particulars on the appointment will be entered in the electronic calendar and it will then be tasked to sending the reminders until the day of the appointment.

Some appointment reminder systems have additional features such as allowing the medical clinic to sync the schedules with Google Calendar to make them accessible anywhere on smart phones

How Appointment Reminders Affect the Clinic

Employing the virtual services of appointment reminders will cut costs in clinic maintenance. For example, if a clinic is huge and continuously busy, it would normally employ two or more staff to accommodate all the needs of a doctor and patients, and execute the designated tasks such as those of a receptionist. But with an automated reminder system, the clinic may opt out for a receptionist and the staff with concentrate on other important tasks.

Setting up a reminder system is like having your own receptionist. The difference is that, with an automated system, the receptionist takes the nature of virtuality. It is also cost-efficient as compared with paying someone to take care of scheduling tasks.

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